5 Ways to Use Digital Math Games with Your Class This School Year

5 Ways to Incorporate Online Math Games into Your Teaching Routine

Would you like to incorporate more digital math practice into your teaching routine this school year? Read our September blog post to learn about five practical ideas for including online math activities from iKnowIt.com in your everyday math routine. Online math practice with I Know It is engaging, challenging, and fun. Keep reading to find out how you can help your students level up their math skills with our digital math games.

Choosing the Right Digital Math Program for Your Classroom 

Choosing the Right Digital Math Practice Program

You have a lot of options out there when it comes to digital math programs for your elementary class. How do you know what to look for? With so many choices, it can be confusing to sort through them all! Here are a few important criteria to consider when choosing a digital math program for your classroom:

  • Wide selection of digital math activities that cover foundational elementary math topics at your students' grade level
  • Math activities that are well-written and thoughtfully designed by elementary math teachers like you
  • Digital math games that present each math topic in a fun, yet challenging, format with a variety of math question types
  • High quality math lesson interface, complete with customized pictures and graphics that enhance understanding of the math topics being presented
  • Digital math activities that are aligned to the Common Core Standard and designate which CCS each activity aligns with 
  • Kid-friendly elements, like emojis and animated characters, that engage and delight students as they work through online math practice
  • Plenty of easy-to-use administrator features, like progress-tracking for individual students and the whole class, ability to assign math lessons based on grade level and skill level, options for displaying, downloading, and saving student score reports

In the end, you want to go with a digital math practice program that you and your little learners actually enjoy using. Does all the above sound like a tall order? It is! The great news is many teachers have already discovered that the I Know It digital math practice program meets (and exceeds) their high standards. We hope you are one of them! 

Let's take a look at five practical ways you can incorporate digital math games from I Know It into your everyday teaching routine. 

Independent Learning and Daily Math Review 

Use Online Math Games for Daily Math Review

Digital math games are fantastic for independent learning and daily math review. Students can practice their math skills with I Know It as a part of their morning math routine or daily math warm-up. They can play online math games on a tablet or personal computer when they finish independent work or tests early. They can also review math skills during scheduled classroom computer time. 

Outside of the classroom, students can work on the digital math lessons you have assigned to them for practice at home or on the go. Because you have the ability to assign math activities based on each child's grade level and skill level, you can be confident your students are working on assignments that will strengthen math skills where they need it most. 

Small Group Activities and Math Learning Centers

Use Digital Math Games for Math Learning Centers

Online math practice is also ideal for small group activities and math learning centers. Maybe you want to find a happy medium between independent math practice and whole-class review. Small group math review is a great option! Students can pair up or work in teams to solve math problems together on I Know It. Pairs or groups of students can compete against one another to see who can answer the most math questions correctly in the given time. Student groups can also work on different math skills at each math learning center before rotating to a new learning center. 

Whole-Class Review Sessions

Try Online Math Activities for Whole-Class Review Sessions

I Know It math games are great for whole-class review sessions too. Teachers like to use I Know It on their classroom SMART Board in order to work on important math skills together as a class. Students can take turns coming up to the SMART Board to solve math problems you're working on together. It's a great way to gauge your class's level of understanding on a particular math topic and see where you may need to fill in the learning gaps. 

Individual and Class Progress-Tracking

Track Your Class's Progress with Digital Math Activities

It's not just about fun and games when it comes to practicing math skills with the I Know It program. One of the many benefits of using our digital math activities is the ability to monitor your students' math practice progress. Your administrator account makes it easy to view progress reports by individual student or by assignment. You can also view detailed class statistics, like what skills your class has been focusing on, how your class has been performing throughout the year, and how much time your students have spent on digital math practice. It's a simple way to assess areas of strength and weakness for individual students and your class as a whole. 

Test Preparation and Skill Review 

Prepare for Tests and Review Skills with Interactive Math Games

Finally, I Know It digital math activities are excellent for reinforcing and reviewing math skills ahead of tests and standardized assessments. You can alleviate (some!) overwhelm during test preparation time by giving students a way to review their math skills in a fun, entertaining, and interactive format. Use the progress-tracking tools mentioned above to monitor your class's test-preparedness and decide on which topics to devote the most review time.  

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to include digital math games in your teaching routine this school year! Share some of your favorites by leaving your feedback in the comment section below. Also, be sure to tag us on social media so we can check out your digital math adventures this year. 

Browse the complete collection of digital math games on iKnowIt.com


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