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After many months of hard work, we are proud to present the BETA version of iKnowIt.com, a new math practice site for students in Kindergarten through 5th grades.
Our goal was to create an interactive learning site that appeals to students as well as educators. We invite you to explore the website for free and let us know what you think.
Will there be a way to log in, create a class roster, and keep a record of my students' progress?

Yes! That's coming very soon!

For now, we've completed the student interface. You'll be able to try the lessons and a score will be reported at the end of each lesson.

I Know It :: Free for a limited time

Is this site still in development? Is it a free site?

Yes, we're still in development. And this site is completely free to use while it's in development. In the future, it will transition to a subscription service.

Will you add other subjects besides math? Will you add lessons for students in middle and high school grades?

We're starting with K through 5 math. After that, we may add lessons in other subjects, or we may expand the site to cover more grades. We're not sure yet.

I Know It :: Robot Animation Image

Will there be more animations for correct answers, besides the robot and emojis?

Yes. We plan to create more. Students will be able to choose their favorite animations in their settings.

Will there be a feature that allows questions to be read aloud?

Yes, we hope to add this feature.

Who built this site?

We're the same team that built and operates SuperTeacherWorksheets.com. Our team consists of a handful of teachers, graphic artists, computer programmers, and customer support staff.

All questions were written by experienced, professional elementary school teachers.

We've even tested the site with students in a classroom setting.

I Know It :: Mobile Access

Does this site work on mobile devices?

Yes, but we're still working out some bugs. It should work on tablet and mobile web browsers.

We're hoping to release official Android, iPad, and iPhone apps in the future. For now, you'll need to use a web browser, such as Safari or Chrome.

Are the lessons aligned to the Common Core Standards?

Yes. The next version of the site will list the standards that are connected with each lesson.

When the site is finished, how much will it cost?

We're not sure of the exact cost yet. As with our other sites (Super Teacher and Modern Chalkboard), we will try to keep the price reasonable. However, we do need to cover the costs of developing and maintaining the website. There will be a reasonable, per-student, annual fee.

I'd like to recommend a topic for a math lesson. How do I do this?

E-mail us via our contact form. We welcome all suggestions, feedback, and constructive criticism.

Thank you for visiting! Please explore the site and let us know what you think!
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