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I Know It: Testimonials
Literally Mesmerized
I have been teaching for 30 years and have never been more excited about an online math program! The moment I looked at I Know It, I knew it would be a hit with the kids!!! The application is easy on the eyes, engaging, inviting format and provides kids with immediate reinforcement of math concepts. To say that my students love it would be an understatement! They BEG me to go faster with our math lesson every day so they can have “I Know It Time”. I have never seen kids more engaged and happy than when they are on this program! They enjoy that I Know It is direct and to the point, gives immediate feedback to answers and is interactive. They are literally mesmerized while working. It’s a thing of beauty that only an elementary teacher could appreciate!
Tami Scheiwiller, 2nd grade teacher
Taft Primary School
Kankakee, Illinois
LOVE the User-Friendliness
I don't know how I stumbled upon your site, but I am very happy I did. I LOVE the user-friendliness of assigning lessons. My students don't need the distraction of battling one another or creating "worlds". The certificates are enough motivation, especially when I brag on their achievements and display them in the hallway. I just printed 15 certificates...using my color ink. It's worth using color ink!
Suzanne Kilburn, 3rd Grade Teacher
Underwood Elementary School
Florence, Alabama
It’s So Easy For The Kids
My teachers love your program and hope we can continue it next year! They all use it daily and Ms. Osborne in third grade wrote, "I absolutely love it! I hope we get to keep it for next year." Second grade teacher Ms. Collins wrote, "Use it daily – LOVE it. It’s so easy for the kids to use and gives explanations the kids so the kids can see why they may have missed it. Has great reports and is appropriate level for our Standards."
Cindy Dorton, Principal
Weber City Elementary School
Weber City, Virginia
Easy Implementation Tool
I Know It is such an easy implementation tool for our math curriculum. It aligns with our lessons beautifully and we love that we can pick and choose which skills to assign students. We can use it for independent practice directly after teaching a new lesson, or as a spiral review to lessons previously taught in the past. The graphics are appealing and age appropriate. I Know It gets the job done as a supplemental technology math tool in our classrooms!
Janine Bell, 3rd Grade Teacher
Franklinville Elementary School
Franklinville, NY
Intervention and Enrichment
We are currently using I Know It in Kindergarten to grade five, across two buildings with approximately 1300 students, including a large population of ENL students. Teachers have been thrilled to have access to a program where they can directly assign specific skills and standards for their students to work on independently. They love the feedback about specific questions that point out students' misconceptions and the ability to reassign lessons that need more practice. Many teachers are using I Know It for intervention and enrichment as well as to bump up skills based on our data driven instruction results from interim assessments. We have been using I Know It since November and the teachers (and students!) are loving the visual representations that help support student’s thinking as well as the easy to use features that allow them to add assignments and get immediate feedback on students’ progress. The students are having fun while they are learning and feeling success as work towards meeting their goals.
Allie O'Connor, K-5 Math Specialist
Brewster CSD
Brewster, New York
Great Fact Practice

Some positive points about I-Know-It from my staff:

  • Enjoyed by the younger students for its fun animations and kid friendly user interface.
  • Complements GoMath! Provides repetition and specific skill practice that GoMath is lacking
  • Many teachers have commented that it is super user friendly and easy to adapt to daily content objective.
  • Teachers say: "it is great fact practice for both our struggling learners and our advanced learners. We love that it is working on math fluency and has positive feedback (in a fun way)".
Diane Stavaski, IT Specialist
American Academy
Castle Pines, Colorado

We're grateful for all of the positive feedback we've received from parents, teachers, school staff, and principals who use I Know It.

We'd love to hear from you. Share your I Know It experiences with us!

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