Halloween Candy Round-up!

Rounding with Halloween Candy

Grab a bag of Halloween candy and get ready for some rounding fun! This simple sorting activity gives students practice rounding to the nearest ten. Read on to find out more!

All you need for this basic rounding activity is a bag of Halloween candy, several bins or baggies for sorting, and labels for your bins. 

First you'll want to label your bins with the numbers 0, 10, and 20. If you have more candy, you can add more numbers as needed. 

Now kids can empty out the Halloween candy onto a desk or table and sort the pieces by type.

Once all the Halloween candy is sorted, students can count how many pieces are in each pile.  After determining how much candy is in a pile, they will round that number to the nearest ten and place that pile of candy into the correct bin. 

For example, if a child counts seven Twix bars, she will add them to the bin labeled "10" because seven rounds up to ten. If she counts four Snickers bars, she will add them to the bin labeled "0" because four rounds to 0. 

This Halloween rounding activity can be adapted in a variety of ways to suit your teaching needs. Want to substitute the candy for a healthier option? Try Halloween pretzel shapes or Halloween fruit snacks. 

Want to make this a partner activity? Tell students to pair up and have them take turns checking each other's work as they sort and round the candies into the bins. 

You can see how easy it is to tailor this activity to your students' needs!

What do you think? Would you try the Halloween candy round-up with your students? We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment below! 

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