Christmas Shapes Math Challenge

Christmas Shapes Activity

Get into tip-top shape for the holiday season with a fun Christmas shapes activity! Students will use two-dimensional shapes to assemble festive Christmas objects. We provide the template for you, so all your students will need to do is color, cut, and create! Read on to find out more.

For the Christmas shapes math challenge, you'll need just a few materials, including this handy printable template. Print out a copy for each of your students and make sure you have coloring supplies and scissors available as well. 

Each page of the holiday activity template features a set of two-dimensional shapes. These shapes will be used to assemble the Christmas object designated at the top of the page. For example, students will use one triangle, three trapezoids, one rectangle, and one star to make a Christmas tree, like the one below:

Make a Christmas Tree from 2D Shapes!

Students will color the shapes, cut them out, and rearrange them to make the Christmas object. They can even use a glue stick to adhere their shapes to a piece of construction paper and turn their design into a work of art. 

Other Christmas objects in this activity include a snowman and a Santa hat. Students will make their snowman from three circles, one square, one rectangle, and one triangle:

Build a Snowman from 2D Shapes!

 They will make their Santa hat from a triangle, a circle, and a rectangle:

Make a Santa Hat from 2D Shapes!

As an added challenge, students can come up with their own Christmas object artwork made up of any flat shapes of their choosing. Some ideas include: an ornament; a gift; a snowflake; a gingerbread man; or even a gingerbread house. Students can draw or trace the shapes they need onto colored construction paper, cut them out, and assemble. 

This simple activity will get your class into the Christmas spirit in no time! 

Do you have any favorite Christmas math activities that you like to do with your students during the holiday season? Share your ideas with our teaching community! Drop us a line in the comment section below. 

If you'd like to give your students extra practice with shapes, check out our interactive geometry activities on!


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