Counting Coins with
Cupcake Liners

Money Skills Activity

Practicing basic money skills doesn't get any easier than this! Grab some cupcake liners, a marker, and a handful of plastic play coins (or the real thing!) and get ready for a fun counting coins activity. This math game is ideal for first grade, second grade, or third grade students.

First, you'll want to write out a variety of money amounts on the inside of the cupcake liners. If you choose, you can keep the totals under a certain dollar amount, such as $1 or $5. When all the amounts are written on the cupcake liners, you may wish to put them inside a muffin tin to hold them in place.

Money Skills Activity

Now you're ready to begin the activity. Students will count out the plastic play coins to match the money amount in each cupcake liner. Once they've counted the coins, they can place them inside the cupcake liners. When they are finished with the activity, it will be easy for you to go back and check their work. 

Basic Counting Money Activity

You can modify this counting coins activity in lots of ways. You can use it for individual student practice, or you can make it into a two-person game. (Players get a point for every money amount they count. The player who finishes first gets an extra five points. A point is lost for every amount counted incorrectly. The player who has the most points after his or her work is checked is the winner.)

You can also do this activity with Canadian, Australian, and U.K. coins. 

What are your favorite money skills activities to do with your students? Would you try out this counting coins activity with your class? We'd love to hear from you! Please share your feedback in the comment section below.

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