Race to Money Island!

A Counting Coins Activity

Counting Coins Activity

Here's an exciting board game that helps children practice counting coins as they "island hop" from one island to the next! Children will love the colorful game board, the fast-paced competition, and the confidence they built in their ability to count coins. Read on to find out more!

We love the idea of using board games to teach math skills (Monopoly, anyone?), so we thought we'd create one of our own! The Money Island Math Challenge is a fun, simple way to give your students extra practice counting coins. You can alter this activity to fit the skill you'd like your students to practice. Whether you want to focus on monetary amounts below one dollar or greater than one dollar, this game works either way! 

To set up the game, you will want to download and print a copy of The Money Island Math Challenge PDF File, which includes directions and the board game itself. You'll also want to grab some green cupcake liners, your "islands," as well as small toys or pawns to serve as the players' game pieces. Finally, you'll want to have a variety of plastic coins on hand. (Real money works too.) Just make sure you give the players the same coins, so they are working with the same resources.