Football Math Facts

Football Addition and Subtraction Games

Football season is here! Turn your team into addition and subtraction champions with fun football-themed activities. Your players will practice basic addition and subtraction with three football activities that will put their knowledge of math facts to the test. Each of the following activities includes a printable worksheet file so you can make a game plan and get your players right into the game. Read on to find out more.

Complete the Pass

Football Addition Game

In this printable football addition activity, children will complete the pass by adding the number on the passing player's jersey with the number on the receiving player's jersey to complete the pass. Print out this worksheet file to get started. Students will add the digits on the players' jerseys, regrouping when necessary, to obtain the sum and complete the pass. 

Here are a few ways you can use this football addition game with your team players:

  • Students can work individually or in pairs to solve each addition fact.  
  • Students can view the football activity on your overhead projector as you work together as a class to solve each addition fact. 
  • Students can even try out this activity with player jersey numbers from their hometown football team. Pull up the team roster and practice adding some of the numbers together to complete a pass for the hometown team! 

End Zone Addition

Football Math Facts Activity

In this football addition game, children will calculate how many yards they need to move up the field to get the football into the end zone. Print out this worksheet file to get started. Each football is labeled with a number of yards. Students will complete the addition fact to determine the number of yards they need to reach the end zone. 

Here are some math skills your team players will work on in this printable addition activity:

  • Calculate the missing addend in the addition fact. 
  • Subtract the given addend from the given sum to find the missing addend. 
  • Regroup when necessary. 

You can even search for an interactive sports diagram online and use it with your class to demonstrate each addition problem on a digital football field! 

Scoreboard Subtraction 

Football Subtraction Game

Students will put their basic subtraction skills to the test in this printable football subtraction activity. Your team players will calculate the amount of points the winning team has won by in this football subtraction game. Print out this worksheet file to get started. Students will subtract the losing team's score from the winning team's score to determine how many points the winner came out on top. 

Here are a few math skills your team players will strengthen as they try out this football subtraction worksheet:

  • Subtract the subtrahend from the minuend to obtain the difference. 
  • Subtract the ones. Subtract the tens. 
  • Regroup when necessary. 

You can find a digital scoreboard online and use it with your team players to review each subtraction problem together as a class once students have had an opportunity to complete the activity on their own. 

Make these football activities as festive as you desire! Add in a football-themed snack, encourage your team players to dress in the colors of the hometown football team, and head outdoors at recess to throw a few passes after you finish these football activities together.

How do you like to practice math facts with your little learners? We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment below. Remember to tag @iknowit on social media to show us your team spirit and your math skills!

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