Fractions Fun: Making Pizza with Paper in Math Class

Looking for a super fun way to teach fractions? How about making pizza? Hold the dough and turn off the ovens because we'll be crafting delicious pizzas using construction paper. Let's jump right into this step-by-step guide for a hands-on fraction activity that'll have your students excited about math.

Materials You'll Need:

  • colored construction paper (brown for the crust, yellow for the cheese, red for the sauce, and various colors for toppings)

  • scissors

  • glue

  • markers

  • rulers

Pizza Party Fractions

Step 1: Pizza Prep

1. Cut out large circles from the brown construction paper for pizza crusts. These circles will be the bases of your pizzas.

2. From the red construction paper, cut slightly smaller circles to represent the tomato sauce. Glue them onto the crusts. Then cut slightly smaller circles out of yellow construction paper to represent the cheese. 

Fraction Activity

Step 2: Fraction Slices

1. Divide your pizza into fractional parts. Start by cutting the pizza into halves or quarters, depending on the level of your students.

2. Label the slices with the appropriate fraction (½, ¼, etc.) using markers. You can also write out the fraction as a math exercise for students to match the visual with the numerical representation.

3. If you need a printable guide to help students, you can find one here.

Math Fractions Elementary Activity

Step 3: Tasty Toppings

1. Get creative with the toppings! Cut out smaller shapes from various colored paper to represent different ingredients like mushrooms, pepperoni, olives, and peppers.

2. Have students decorate each fraction of the pizza with different toppings.

Step 4: Discussion and Application

1. Once the pizzas are decorated, encourage a discussion about fractions. Ask questions like, "If we have four slices and eat two, what fraction have we eaten?"

2. To reinforce understanding, encourage students to create their own fraction pizzas and explain the fractions they used to a partner or the class.


By making fraction pizzas with construction paper, you're turning a math lesson into a creative, hands-on experience. It's a fantastic way to visually demonstrate the concept of fractions in a tasty and engaging manner. The pizzas your students will make will be a-dough-rable!


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