Our Favorite Christmas Cookies!

Holiday Bar Graph Activity

Everybody loves Christmas cookies! In this holiday math activity, your class will vote on their favorite holiday treats and make a bar graph to display the results! Read on to find out more!

We love this Christmas bar graph activity because it involves the participation of your whole class. The first part of the activity will be done together as a class; the second part, making the bar graph, will be done by each student individually. Here's how it works:

Use your classroom whiteboard or chalkboard to list out popular Christmas cookies. You can have students raise their hands and offer suggestions. You can choose some popular Christmas cookies ahead of time and list them. Or you can have your students write their favorites on slips of paper and turn them in. Come up with five or six choices. If you want, make an "Other" category to ensure everyone's favorite falls into a category.

Now take a vote to determine how many students consider each cookie their personal favorite. (Remind your students they can only vote once!) You can tally the numbers next to each choice as students raise their hands.

Once the votes have been counted, your students can make their bar graphs. Print out this blank bar graph template for your students to use. Here's a sample of what their bar graph might look like:

Christmas Cookie Activity

You can grade their bar graph as you would any other graphing assignment. Did they give their bar graph a title? Did they label their x and y axes correctly? Did they use the right category names and appropriate number scale along the axes? Did they accurately represent the information you tallied together as a class?

You could use this bar graph activity to chart a variety of Christmas-themed fun facts about your class! "Our Favorite Christmas Carols," "Our Favorite Christmas Activities," and "Our Favorite Holiday Service Projects," are a few more examples. 

Now we want to hear from you, teacher friends! What are your favorite holiday math activities to do with your students?

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