Hooray for Arrays!

Multiplication Array Activities

Check out these fun array activities that help children master basic multiplication skills! If you have visual learners and hands-on learners in your classroom, then you'll definitely want to consider using one or more of these activities with them. Read on to find out more!

Here are three simple array activities you can do with little ones to help them process and strengthen multiplication skills. 

Candy Arrays 

Grab some colorful pieces of candy, print out a page of graph paper, and pick out a few crayons or markers for this activity. (Check out this page for graph paper from Super Teacher Worksheets.) Here's what to do: 

  • Draw boxes of various shapes on the graph paper. 
  • Put candy pieces inside all the grid squares that make up your boxes . 
  • Write the multiplication fact represented by each array.  

Play Dough Arrays 

Kids will use play dough and construction paper to make these creative arrays. It only takes a couple easy steps to put them together: 

  • Roll the play dough into tiny balls, roughly the size of a chick pea.
  • Arrange the play dough to make arrays in a variety of sizes.
  • Write the multiplication fact represented by each array. 

City Skyline Arrays