Let's Make a Math Kite!

Practice Geometry Skills with a Math Kite Activity

Celebrate spring and practice geometry skills with a spring math craft. Our March blog post features a free printable kite template students can use to practice a variety of geometry concepts, from classifying angles and triangles to finding a line of symmetry. Read on to take your class’s geometry skills to new heights!

Make a Math Kite

ractice Geometry Skills with a Spring Craft

Welcome spring with this printable math craft, ideal for students in fourth grade, fifth grade, or sixth grade. Here’s what to do:

Print out the free math kite template for your class.

Students will color the body of the kite with crayons and markers, cut it out along the solid outer black line with scissors, and attach a piece of string or yarn for the kite tail.

Practice Geometry Skills with a Spring Art Project

Then students will follow the guided instructions to record a series of geometric attributes on the included journal page:

  • Find the area and perimeter of the kite
  • Identify whether the kite is a polygon and explain
  • Identify the shape of the kite
  • Fold the kite along the line of symmetry
  • Identify the number of right, acute, and obtuse angles, if any
  • Identify the number of right, acute, and obtuse triangles, if any
  • Identify the number of equilateral, isosceles, and scalene triangles, if any

After students have decorated their math kites and recorded the geometric attributes, hang them up around your classroom as a reminder of the change of seasons.

Happy Spring! 


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