Thanksgiving Number Bonds!

Thanksgiving Turkey Number Bonds

Your students are going to love practicing number bonds with this adorable Thanksgiving math craft! We provide the turkey template, so all you need is a dry erase marker, scissors, and a few coloring supplies to make the holiday math magic happen! Read on to find out more.

The idea behind this Thanksgiving math activity is to help little learners become confident in recognizing number bonds. Their goal is to think of all the number pairs that would make a complete number bond for the "Special Number" shown on their Thanksgiving turkey. Here's how the activity works: 

First, you'll want to print out this handy Thanksgiving turkey template. You may want to print out two copies, so your students will have plenty of feathers available for making number pairs. 

Have your students color the body of the turkey and the feathers with crayons or colored pencils. (We recommend avoiding markers, as it may be difficult to see the numbers once they are written on the turkey.) 

After your students color all the individual pieces of their Thanksgiving turkey, you may consider laminating the template before you cut out the pieces. This step is optional, but we found that laminating the template is a great way to reuse the pieces so the exercise can be repeated with a variety of "Special Numbers". (if you choose not to laminate the template, you can substitute a regular marker for the dry erase marker mentioned below.) 

Next, cut out the body of the turkey and all the feathers. Use a dry erase marker to label the body of the turkey with your "Special Number" of choice. In the example below, we chose to use the number "6". 

Now your students will list out all the number pairs that would make a complete number bond with the number "6". If it's easier for them to conceptualize, they can write out all the number pairs in a notebook or on a sheet of paper before they label them on the turkey's feathers. In our example, the number bond pairs would include: 

0, 6

1, 5

2, 4

3, 3

4, 2

5, 1 

6, 0 

The students will use a dry erase marker to write each of the number pairs on one of the turkey's feathers. Then they will arrange the feathers around the Thanksgiving turkey. The finished activity would look like this: 

Once the activity is complete, you can erase all the numbers and choose a new "Special Number" for your students to try. With a laminated template, this exercise can be repeated as many times as you like!

If you try out this Thanksgiving turkey number bonds activity with your students, we'd love to know! Be sure to tag @superteacherworksheets on social media. 

Do you have any favorite Thanksgiving math activities? Share your ideas with our teaching community! Please leave your feedback in the comment section below. 

If you want to give your students extra practice with number bonds, be sure to check out our fun, interactive number bond lessons on!


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