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1st Grade Counting to 100 GameFirst Grade Count to One Hundred Game

Math Lesson: Counting to 100

In this math lesson, students will count objects to one hundred. They will be shown items in a set, such as bowling balls, pigs, counters in ten frames, or hundreds charts. Students will be asked questions, such as 'What number is missing from the chart?' and 'Fill in the missing number.' Some questions are fill-in-the-blank, while others are multiple choice.

We created I Know It as an engaging, interactive math practice website for elementary-aged students. The kid-friendly display, fun animated characters that give feedback when children answer questions, and bright, easy-to-navigate layout give students the impression that they're playing an exciting (challenging) math game. At the same time, teachers will love watching their students' math skills improve over time with our math practice program.

Each question in our math lessons includes a 'hint' that, when clicked on, reveals more details about the math concept behind the problem or the first step in solving the problem. A score-tracker in the upper-right corner of the display screen tells students how many questions they've answered correctly so far, and a progress tracker shows them how many more questions are left until the end of the lesson. Any time students answer a question incorrectly, a detailed explanation page pops up to show them how the questions should have been solved.

Teachers of ESL/ELL students, or students who thrive as auditory learners, will appreciate the speaker icon in the upper-left corner of the screen, which students can click on to have the question read aloud to them in a clear voice.

We hope our interactive math program will help your students as they practice math skills, such as counting to one hundred. Try out this lesson, and remember to browse our other math topics!

1st Grade Counting to 100 LessonFirst Grade Count to One Hundred Lesson

What's the Difference Between a Free Trial and Membership?

You are welcome to sign up for a free trial of 'I Know It.' Children may try out this math lesson for free, but they will be limited to twenty-five questions across all lessons on I Know It per day. If you'd like to have unlimited access to all math lessons and features on 'I Know It,' you'll need to become a member.

As a member, you will be able to add a student roster, create individual student logins, assign math lessons to individual students, view student scores for finished lessons, change lesson settings (such as limiting the number of hints per lesson or turning off the animated character), and reviewing student progress reports.

When students log in with their unique username and password, they will be met with a kid-friendly user interface, where they will be able to view 'My Assignments,' explore lessons at their assigned grade level (which will appear discretely as 'Level A,' 'Level B,' and so on), and explore additional levels.

1st Grade Counting to 100 ActivityFirst Grade Count to One Hundred Activity


This interactive math lesson is categorized as Level A. It may be appropriate for kindergarten and first grade students.

Common Core Standard

K.CC.1, MA.1.NSO.1.1, MA.1.NSO.1.2, 1.5A
Counting And Cardinality

Know Number Names And The Count Sequence.
Count to 100 by ones and by tens.

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