Add or Subtract 10 or 100

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2nd Grade Add-or-Subtract-10-or-100-to-Numbers GameSecond Grade Adding-and-Subtracting-Ten-and-One-Hundred Game

Interactive Math Lesson – Add or Subtract 10 or 100

In this interactive math lesson, first grade students will practice adding or subtracting 10 or 100. They will be challenged by a variety of math problems, including input/output tables, vertical addition problems, horizontal addition problems, vertical subtraction problems, horizontal subtraction problems, and word problems. When students complete this online math activity, they will have more confidence in their ability to add and subtract ten or one hundred.

Here are some examples of questions your students may be asked in this online math lesson: "Add 10 to 574," "761 + 100 =," and "Ryker and his grandfather were playing a card game. Ryker had 340 points and scored 10 more points on his next turn. How many points does Ryker have now?"

If students need a little extra help solving a math problem, they can click on the "Hint" button for a helpful clue. They will be given a written directive: "To show 10 more, add one to the digit in the tens place." They will also be shown a chart in which the digits of the larger number are sorted into ones, tens, and hundreds. When students answer a question incorrectly, a detailed explanation page will appear to show them how to solve the problem correctly so they can learn from their mistakes.

2nd Grade Add-or-Subtract-10-or-100-to-Numbers LessonSecond Grade Adding-and-Subtracting-Ten-and-One-Hundred Lesson

Engaging Online Math Practice Makes a Difference!

Educators and students alike enjoy using the I Know It math program alongside their elementary math curriculum. Teachers appreciate the variety of math lessons we offer in our expanding collection, as well as the quality content presented in each lesson. Students are challenged by an engaging, fun learning system that motivates them with positive feedback, silly animated characters, age-appropriate emojis, and a built-in award system.

Lesson features are available across all our math lessons to help students make the most of their math practice time. The progress-tracker shows students how many more questions they have to answer before they reach the end of the lesson. The score tracker lets students know how many questions they have answered correctly. A speaker icon indicates the read-aloud feature; when students click the button the question will be read to them in a clear voice.

We've designed I Know It to be kid-friendly, easy to navigate, approachable for all ages, and equipped with all the tools you need to strengthen math skills in the classroom. We hope you will explore the hundreds of Common Core-aligned math lessons we have on our website, including this first grade addition and subtraction lesson.

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2nd Grade Add-or-Subtract-10-or-100-to-Numbers ActivitySecond Grade Adding-and-Subtracting-Ten-and-One-Hundred Activity


This interactive math lesson is categorized at a "Level A." It may be ideal for first grade students.

Common Core Standard

Number and Operations in Base Ten

Students will use their understanding of place value and properties of operations to add and subtract.

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