Telling Time (5 Minute Intervals)

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2nd Grade Telling Time Nearest 5 Minutes GameSecond Grade Reading Analog Clocks to Five Minutes Game

Math Activity: Telling Time to the Nearest Five Minutes

In this interactive math lesson, students will practice telling time in five minute intervals. A variety of question formats are presented in this math practice activity. In some questions students will be shown an analog clock with a red hour hand and a blue minute hand. They will need to type the correct time in the correct format into the answer box. In other questions, students will be shown two analog clocks. They must drag each analog clock into a T chart labeled with both times. Additional questions are shown in multiple choice format: "Which clock shows the time 6:30?"

Students are allowed a specific number of hints in this telling time lesson. Each hint features an analog clock graphic along with a clue to help the student distinguish the hour hand and the minute hand.

One of the enriching features of this telling time activity is the detailed explanation that appears when a student gets the answer wrong. The explanation includes analog clock graphics with detailed descriptions of the minute hand and hour hand.

2nd Grade Telling Time Nearest 5 Minutes LessonSecond Grade Reading Analog Clocks to Five Minutes Lesson

Enriching Math Practice

Teachers and parents may consider I Know It a math practice website, while students see it as an exciting and challenging math game. The score tracker in the upper-right corner of the screen helps students track their progress through the math lesson. Students will enjoy watching the animated cartoon on their lesson screen come to life and perform a comical trick when they answer the question correctly. The hint button on the lower-left of the screen is only one click away if the student needs a little extra help. An incorrect answer will trigger the display of the detailed explanation page, so students can turn their telling time mistakes into new understanding as the move on to the next question.

The audio feature in this interactive telling time lesson is an excellent option for students who have difficulty reading, or for students who have ESL/ELL needs. Simply click the audio icon next to the question text, and the question will be read aloud in a clear voice.

We are excited for you and your students to try out this engaging math game in your telling time lesson. Why don't you try it out today? Telling time to the nearest five minutes has never been more fun! While you're at it, don't forget to browse our other 2nd grade math lessons.

Playing For Free versus Membership

One of the great features of I Know It is the ability to try it before you buy it. You may play the lesson for free in the area above; however, the number of questions you are able to answer will be limited. To access the complete lesson, you will need to be a member of this website.

I Know It also features administrative tools for teachers, allowing them to create student logins, view scores for completed lessons, adjust lesson settings, and access student progress reports.

You'll quickly notice when browsing through this website that grade levels are alternately referred to as "Level A," "Level B," "Level C," instead of "1st Grade," "2nd Grade," "3rd Grade," etc. This allows teachers to have flexibility in assigning lessons based on skill level and individual needs.

2nd Grade Telling Time Nearest 5 Minutes ActivitySecond Grade Reading Analog Clocks to Five Minutes Activity


We've classified this math activity for telling time as a Level B lesson. It may be appropriate to use at a first grade, second grade, or third grade level.

Common Core Standard

2.MD.7, MA.2.M.2.1, 2.9G
Measurement And Data

Work With Time And Money.
Tell and write time from analog and digital clocks to the nearest five minutes, using a.m. and p.m.

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