Fact Families (Multiplication & Division to 10s)

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3rd Grade Fact Families Multiplication and Division to 10 GameThird Grade Multiplying and Dividing in Fact Families up to Ten Game

Online Math Lesson - Fact Families with Multiplication and Division to 10s

Give your students an opportunity to practice basic fact families with multiplication and division to tens in this interactive math practice activity! Your third grade class will learn to identify fact families and gain confidence in learning to multiply and divide within one hundred. Math questions in this lesson are presented in a variety of formats, including fill-in-the-blank and multiple choice.

Here are a few examples of questions students may be asked in this online math lesson: "Fill in the missing numbers to complete the fact family," "Which division sentence belongs to the same fact family as 10 x 7 = 70?" and "Which number is missing from the fact family?"

Students have the option to use the "Hint" button in the lower-left corner of their practice screen if they get stuck on a problem. They will be shown a relevant clue to help them solve the problem, such as a number bond that shows the relationship of all the numbers in the fact family.

If students answer a problem incorrectly, they will be shown a detailed explanation page that breaks down the answer for them and shows them, step by step, how to arrive at the correct answer. Students can move on to the next question having learned from their mistake.

3rd Grade Fact Families Multiplication and Division to 10 LessonThird Grade Multiplying and Dividing in Fact Families up to Ten Lesson

What Makes "I Know It" Different?

I Know It is a math practice website geared toward elementary-aged students. Our goal is to help young learners become more confident and proficient in their math skills through our engaging, interactive program.

Students really enjoy practicing math with I Know It because our lessons are fun and engaging. The bright colors, kid-friendly design, whimsical animations, and positive reinforcement have won over children in schools all across America and beyond. Teachers appreciate the scope of our lesson topics and the high quality of all our lesson content. Teachers also enjoy using "I Know It's" helpful administrative tools to help them manage class assignments and track student progress.

All math lessons on "I Know It," including this third grade fact families lesson, include several features that help students make the most out of their math practice time. A progress-tracker shows children how many questions they have answered in the lesson so far. A score-tracker lets them know how many questions they have answered correctly so far.

We hope this interactive fact families lesson will help your students become multiplication and division experts! Be sure to try out this interactive math game and browse our other math topics!

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When you sign up for a free trial of "I Know It," your students will be able to practice this basic multiplication and division lesson using fact families lesson for free. Please know that while students may try out any lesson on I Know It at no cost, they will be limited to a total of twenty-five math questions per day across all I Know It lessons. For full and complete access to the website, you will need to become a paying member.

We think you'll really love all the great features that come with your I Know It membership! Make use of our handy administrative tools, for example. You can create a class roster and add your students to it; assign specific lessons to individual students; monitor student progress; download, email, and print student progress reports; and change basic lesson settings.

When your students log into the site with their unique user name and password, they will be taken to a kid-friendly homepage where they can quickly find all the assignments you have given them. You'll be pleased to know that grade levels are labeled with letters of the alphabet instead of numbers, so you can easily assign lessons based on individual skill level.

3rd Grade Fact Families Multiplication and Division to 10 ActivityThird Grade Multiplying and Dividing in Fact Families up to Ten Activity


This interactive math lesson on fact families with multiplication and division to tens is categorized as a Level C lesson. You may want to give it a try with your third grade class.

Common Core Standard

3.OA.7, MA.3.AR.2.1, 3.4J, 3.4F
Operations And Algebraic Thinking

Multiply And Divide Within 100.
Fluently multiply and divide within 100, using strategies such as the relationship between multiplication and division (e.g., knowing that 8 x 5 = 40, one knows 40 / 5 = 8) or properties of operations. By the end of Grade 3, know from memory all products of two one-digit numbers.

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