Basic Multiplication (0-10)

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4th Grade Basic Multiplication 0 to 10 GameFourth Grade Basic Multiplying Zero to Ten Game

Interactive Math Lesson - Basic Multiplication from 0 to 10

If you're looking for an opportunity to practice basic multiplication skills with your fourth grade students, then try out this multiplication lesson! Your students will practice multiplication with factors from zero to ten. Multiplication problems are presented in a variety of formats: vertical multiplication problems, horizontal multiplication problems, and word problems. When students finish this interactive math game, they will be more confident and proficient in their basic multiplication skills.

Many of the math problems in this interactive multiplication lesson include visual aids, like multiplication arrays. When students need a little extra help solving the math problem, a hint button is available for them to click. For example, if students are given a word problem: "Lorenzo is filling candy bags for his 3 friends. If he puts 4 lollipops in each bag, how many lollipops will he have in all?" students can click the hint button, which will show them "3 x 4 = ?" If students answer the math problem incorrectly, a detailed explanation will appear to show them how the multiplication problem should be solved. When they move through the lesson, they will learn from past mistakes.

4th Grade Basic Multiplication 0 to 10 LessonFourth Grade Basic Multiplying Zero to Ten Lesson

Helpful Features in I Know It Math Lessons

In addition to the availability of hints and detailed explanations, this interactive multiplication game offers several other features to help students make the most out of their math practice session. For example, a progress-tracker on the right-hand side of the practice screen lets students know how many questions are left to answer in the math lesson. A score-tracker beneath that tells students how many questions they've answered correctly so far in the lesson. A speaker icon in the upper-left corner of the screen provides a read-aloud option for ESL/ELL students, and for students who prefer auditory learning.

We hope that when you try this basic multiplication lesson from 0 to 10, you will enjoy the kid-friendly lesson format, bright and colorful icons, and whimsical animated characters. In fact, we encourage you to explore the hundreds of >other math topics available on I Know It today!

Learn More About Free Trial and Membership Options

Sign up for a free sixty-day trial of and try out this basic multiplication lesson today at no cost! Your class may practice for free, but please know they will be limited to a total of twenty-five math problems across all math lessons on I Know It per day. For unlimited access to I Know It and all its features, you will need to become a paying member of the website.

When you subscribe to 'I Know It,' your membership will unlock the website's administrative features, allowing you to create a class roster and add your students to it, assign specific lessons to individual students, track student progress and lesson scores, print, send, and download student progress reports, and change lesson settings (including turning off the animations and limiting lesson hints).

When your students log in to I Know It with their unique user name and password, they will be taken to an easy-to-navigate homepage with bright colors and large icons. Students will look under the 'My Assignments' heading to find the lessons you've assigned to them. They can also try out other math lessons at their grade level, or even math lessons at different grade levels, if you choose. In the student interface, the grade levels appear as 'Level A,' 'Level B,' and 'Level C' instead of 'Grade 1,' 'Grade 2,' and 'Grade 3.' This will allow you to assign math lessons based on ability level rather than grade level.

4th Grade Basic Multiplication 0 to 10 ActivityFourth Grade Basic Multiplying Zero to Ten Activity


This Level D multiplication lesson may be ideal for third or fourth grade students.

Common Core Standard

4.OA.1, MA.4.NSO.2.1, MA.3.NSO.2.2, MA.3.AR.1.2, 4.4D
Operations And Algebraic Thinking

Use The Four Operations With Whole Numbers To Solve Problems.
Interpret a multiplication equation as a comparison, e.g., interpret 35 = 5 x 7 as a statement that 35 is 5 times as many as 7 and 7 times as many as 5. Represent verbal statements of multiplicative comparisons as multiplication equations.

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