Division With Remainders (2-Digit Quotients)

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4th Grade Division with Remainders and 2 Digit Quotients GameFourth Grade Dividing Practice Two Digit Quotients and Remainders Game

Interactive Math Game – Division with Remainders and 2-Digit Quotients

Children will practice basic division with remainders and two-digit quotients in this fourth grade-level math lesson from I Know It. Math problems are given in a variety of question formats, including word problems. After completing this online math lesson, your students will have a greater understanding of basic division skills.

If you're wondering what kind of problems your students can expect in this interactive math lesson on division, here are some examples: "Jordan has 62 t-shirts that he has folded. He wants to put an equal number of t-shirts in his dresser drawers. How many t-shirts can fit in each drawer? How many t-shirts will be left over?" and "Find the quotient and the remainder of 93 divided by 5."

When your students need a little extra help solving a math problem, they can click on the "Hint" button. They will be prompted to do the first step, divide the tens. When students answer a question incorrectly, they will be shown a detailed explanation page demonstrating how to solve the problem correctly: "Divide the tens. Bring down the ones. Divide the ones. Write the remainder."

4th Grade Division with Remainders and 2 Digit Quotients LessonFourth Grade Dividing Practice Two Digit Quotients and Remainders Lesson

More About I Know It Math Lessons

We built the I Know It math program because we are passionate about helping children improve their math skills in a way that is engaging, challenging, and fun. Students and teachers alike enjoy using our program. Children like the kid-friendly website layout, bold colors, big icons, and whimsical animated characters that cheer them on when they answer a math question correctly. Teachers appreciate the quality and scope of our lessons, plus the wide variety of elementary math topics our website covers.

Some additional features that educators and students like in our I Know It math lessons include the progress-tracker, which shows students how many questions they have answered in the lesson so far, the score tracker, which tells students how many questions they've answered correctly, and the speaker icon, which allows the question to be read aloud in a clear voice.

It is our hope that you and your class will try out this dividing with remainders lesson from I Know It today! Be sure to explore our other math topics and discover why there is so much to love about the I Know It math program.

Free Trial and Membership Options

Please consider signing up for a free sixty-day trial of I Know It so you can try out this fourth grade division game with your class today! Your students will be able to try this lesson, as well as any lesson on our website, at no cost. Please know that students are capped at a total of twenty-five questions per day across all math lessons on I Know It in the free trial mode. If you would like unlimited access to our math lessons, you will need to become a paying member of the website.

There are so many benefits to an I Know It membership! In addition to unlimited access to all of our math topics, you can take advantage of the handy administrative features available for educators. Create a class roster, assign individual user names and passwords to all your students, give specific math assignments to different students, track student progress, print, download, and email student progress reports, change lesson settings, and more!

4th Grade Division with Remainders and 2 Digit Quotients ActivityFourth Grade Dividing Practice Two Digit Quotients and Remainders Activity


This Level D division lesson may be ideal for your fourth grade class.

Common Core Standard

4.NBT.6, MA.4.NSO.2.4, MA.4.AR.1.1, 4.4H
Number And Operations In Base Ten

Use Place Value Understanding And Properties Of Operations To Perform Multi-Digit Arithmetic.
Find whole-number quotients and remainders with up to four-digit dividends and one-digit divisors, using strategies based on place value, the properties of operations, and/or the relationship between multiplication and division. Illustrate and explain the calculation by using equations, rectangular arrays, and/or area models.

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