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4th Grade Geometry Quadrilaterals GameFourth Grade Comparing Squares Rectangles Parallelograms Game

Math Lesson: Quadrilaterals

In this interactive math activity, students will practice identifying quadrilaterals. This engaging math lesson gives students the opportunity to practice recognizing the various properties of quadrilaterals. A variety of question formats are presented to students in this educational, fun math game. One type of question asks students to drag the quadrilaterals with right angles into the box. Another question type states a word problem which students need to answer as "true" or "false." For example: "A rhombus has four equal sides and two pairs of parallel sides. True or false?" Yet another type of question presents a series of polygons in multiple choice format. The students must answer a question, such as, "Identify the quadrilateral that is a rectangle." There may be more than one answer, depending on the question.

This quadrilateral lesson gives students a limited amount of hints. The hints in this math lesson describe properties of a quadrilateral in detail. For example, "Hint: A rhombus has 4 equal sides and 2 pairs of parallel sides." The hints are intended to help students eliminate answers that don't fit the description or lead them to choose the answer that does match the quadrilateral described. After a student has used up all his or her hints in the math lesson, the hint window will display a message that says there are no more hints available.

You will be excited to know that a detailed explanation appears when a student chooses the wrong answer for any question in this interactive quadrilateral activity. The explanation page will include a description of the correct answer, including graphics of quadrilaterals, showing their angles and sides, as well as a detailed description of the properties of quadrilaterals. The explanations in this quadrilateral math lesson will help students learn from their mistakes as they move through the math lesson.

This geometry lesson hardly feels like math practice when students are immersed in the quadrilateral questions! Students think they are playing an entertaining and challenging math game, while teachers see the benefits of interactive math practice that they can use to monitor their students' progress in recognizing quadrilaterals. The interface is very kid-friendly and easy to use. The hint button in the lower-left corner of the screen is ready for students who need a nudge toward the right answer. A score-keeper in the upper-right corner of the screen tells students how many points they've earned. The progress icon above the score-keeper informs students how many questions they've completed in the quadrilateral activity.

The audio feature in this geometry math game allows students to listen to the question being read to them in a clear voice at the click of a button. This option is great for students who have difficulty reading, or for students with ESL/ELL needs.

We are eager for you and your students to try out this interactive quadrilateral game in your

4th Grade Geometry Quadrilaterals LessonFourth Grade Comparing Squares Rectangles Parallelograms Lesson

Free Lesson Trial versus "I Know It" Membership

Did you know you can try out I Know It lessons before you purchase a membership? You can preview this quadrilateral lesson, or any lesson, for free; however, the number of questions you can go through is limited until you become a member of the site.

Members are able to create student logins, view scores for completed lessons, adjust lesson settings, and access student progress reports.

I Know It also has amazing administrative tools for teachers. That's right! Teachers can create student logins, view their students' scores for completed lessons, adjust lesson settings, and access student progress reports.

As a bonus, teachers have the ability to assign lessons based on the individual needs and skill level of each student. This is possible because grade levels on I Know It are alternately referred to as "Level A," "Level B," "Level C," instead of "1st Grade," "2nd Grade," "3rd Grade," etc. Students won't know the lesson they're working on is associated with a specific grade level, making it easy for teachers to confirm that the math skills are suited to the child's ability.

4th Grade Geometry Quadrilaterals ActivityFourth Grade Comparing Squares Rectangles Parallelograms Activity


We've categorized this quadrilaterals geometry activity as a Level D lesson. It may be appropriate to use at a third grade, fourth grade, or fifth grade level.

Common Core Standard

4.G.A.2, MA.3.GR.1.1, MA.3.GR.1.2, 3.6B

Draw And Identify Lines And Angles, And Classify Shapes By Properties Of Their Lines And Angles.
Classify two-dimensional figures based on the presence or absence of parallel or perpendicular lines, or the presence or absence of angles of a specified size. Recognize right triangles as a category, and identify right triangles.

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