Place Value (Up to Hundred Thousands)

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4th Grade Place Value Hundred Thousands GameFourth Grade Hundred Thousands Place Value Game

Interactive Math Practice - Place Value (Up to Hundred Thousands)

It's time to practice place value! Try out this math game all about place value up to hundred thousands! Students will become more confident in their place value skills when they answer math questions like these: 'Two hundred five thousand, six hundred one – which of the following numbers matches the words?', 'What is the total value of the place value blocks?' and 'What is the value of the underlined digit?'

I Know It was designed to be a math practice website geared toward elementary-aged students. What sets I Know It apart is its kid-friendly design, bright and colorful graphics, and whimsical animated characters. Teachers enjoy the quality educational content in every math lesson, while students enjoy the 'math game' feel they get from the fun animated characters dancing around the screen each time they answer a question correctly.

I Know It online math lessons include several key features that propel students toward online learning success. There is a progress-tracker in the upper-left corner of the screen that allows students to see how many questions they've answered so far. There is also a score-tracker on the screen that allows students to see how many questions they've gotten correct. A 'hint' button is available (if the teacher chooses to allow it). If students click the 'hint' button, they will be shown a written or pictorial clue to help them get started. If students answer a question incorrectly, a detailed explanation box will pop up to show them, step by step, how they can answer the question correctly.

All I Know It math lessons include a read-aloud feature, which is ideal for ESL/ELL students and for students who excel at auditory learning. Students simply click the speaker icon in the top-left corner of the screen, and the math problem will be read to them in a clear voice.

It is our hope that our interactive math lessons will give your students more confidence in their ability to solve math problems, including place value up to hundred thousands. Try out this math lesson, and browse our large collection of other math topics!

4th Grade Place Value Hundred Thousands LessonFourth Grade Hundred Thousands Place Value Lesson

Free Trial versus Membership

We offer a free 30-day trial of I Know It so your students can try out this place value to hundred thousands math lesson. Students can practice for free, but they will be limited to twenty-five questions total per day for all the math games they try on I Know It. To have unlimited access to I Know It, you will need to purchase a membership.

As a member of I Know It, you will have a special teacher account from which you can manage your students' usage of I Know It. Here are some handy features of your I Know It membership: you can create a class roster, assign individual student logins, assign individual students specific lessons, track student scores and progress reports, and change lesson settings (including turning off the animated character, or limiting the lesson hints).

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4th Grade Place Value Hundred Thousands ActivityFourth Grade Hundred Thousands Place Value Activity


This interactive math practice lesson is categorized as a Level D lesson. It may be ideal for third or fourth grade students.

Common Core Standard

3.NBT.1, MA.4.NSO.1.3, 3.2A
Number And Operations In Base Ten

Use Place Value Understanding And Properties Of Operations To Perform Multi-Digit Arithmetic.4
Use place value understanding to round whole numbers to the nearest 10 or 100.

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