Word Problems: Choose the Operation (All Four Operations)

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5th Grade Word Problems Choose the Operation Add Subtract Multiply Divide GameFifth Grade Word Problems with Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division Game

Interactive Math Lesson - Word Problems, Choose the Operation

Practice choosing the operation for the given word problem in this fifth-grade level math activity! Your students will gain confidence and proficiency in solving a variety of word problems in this online math game. They will need to determine whether each word problem is asking them to add, subtract, multiply, or divide. When your class completes this math lesson, their word problem-solving skills will have been strengthened.

This fifth-grade math game presents a wide selection of word problems for students to solve. Here is one example of a word problem your students may be asked: "Super Shine Car Wash charges $9 for a deluxe car wash. 965 people purchased the deluxe car wash last week. How much money did they make selling deluxe car washes?" Another word problem your students may be asked is: "Donovan's travel baseball team raised $4,200 to buy 12 new uniforms. Each uniform costs the same amount of money. How much does each uniform cost?" Here is a final example: "Kylie and her brother are taking a trip to visit their cousins in Dublin, Ireland. They flew 3,869 kilometers from Seattle, Washington to New York City, and 5,032 kilometers from New York City to Dublin, Ireland. How many total kilometers did they travel?" For each word problem in this math lesson, students will need to fill in the blank with the correct answer.

Several lesson features across all I Know It lessons, including this fifth-grade word problem lesson, help students make the most of their math practice time. For example, students can utilize the "Hint" button if they need a little extra help solving a math problem. In this math lesson, students will be given a written clue to help them choose the correct operation for solving the problem. When students answer incorrectly, they will be shown a detailed explanation page with a step-by-step tutorial for solving the problem correctly. Students can move on from each question having learned from their mistakes.

Other helpful features in this and other I Know It math lessons include our progress-tracker, which lets students know how many math problems they have solved so far in the lesson, and the score-tracker, which shows students how many questions they have answered correctly so far. Plus, a speaker icon in the upper-left corner of the practice screen indicates the handy read-aloud feature - a great option for ESL/ELL students and children who excel at auditory learning!

5th Grade Word Problems Choose the Operation Add Subtract Multiply Divide LessonFifth Grade Word Problems with Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division Lesson

Why I Know It Works

Educators and students alike are enthusiastic about using the I Know It online math program alongside their comprehensive math curriculum. Teachers and parents appreciate the variety of topics covered by our expanding math lesson collection, as well as the scope and quality of each interactive math activity. Students like the engaging, interactive format of the math lessons too. Whether it’s the silly animated characters who do a surprising trick when children answer a question correctly, or the new awards they get to add to their trophy case for each new skill accomplished, or the age-appropriate emojis that pop up in every lesson, children think practicing math with I Know It is fun!

Our easy-to-navigate website has an appealing, kid-friendly design with bright colors and bold icons that make it fun and simple to explore our Common-core aligned lessons, all arranged by grade level and topic. We hope you will give this fifth-grade level math lesson a try and discover all there is to love about I Know It! Be sure to check out our hundreds of other math topics too!

Free Trial and Membership Options

When you sign up for a free sixty-day trial, you can try out this word problem lesson at no cost! We’re confident you will love our program, so once you’ve taken the opportunity to try it with your class, you’ll want to go ahead and sign up for an I Know It membership. Your membership will unlock all the benefits of our math program for a full calendar year!

We think you'll really enjoy using the administrative features of the program, which allow you to add your students to a class roster, create and assign unique user names and passwords to all your students, customize lesson settings, assign specific lessons to individual students, monitor students' progress, download, print, and email student progress reports, and so much more!

Your students will log into the program with their very own username and password. They will be shown a kid-friendly homepage from which they can easily access all math lessons you’ve assigned to them. Grade levels in I Know It are labeled with the letters "A" through "E," making it easier for you to assign math lessons based on skill level.

5th Grade Word Problems Choose the Operation Add Subtract Multiply Divide ActivityFifth Grade Word Problems with Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division Activity


This interactive math lesson is classified as Level E. It may be ideal for a fifth-grade class.

Common Core Standard

4.OA.3, MA.5.AR.1.1, 5.4B
Operations And Algebraic Thinking

Use The Four Operations With Whole Numbers To Solve Problems.
Solve multistep word problems posed with whole numbers and having whole-number answers using the four operations, including problems in which remainders must be interpreted. Represent these problems using equations with a letter standing for the unknown quantity. Assess the reasonableness of answers using mental computation and estimation strategies including rounding.

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