Watercolor Secret Message Activity

Secret Message Art Project

Get ready to write and reveal secret messages with a cool summer art activity! In our July blog post, learn how to write secret messages with a white crayon and watercolor paints. Read on to find out more and try this clever art project with the little ones in your life this summer!

How to Write a Secret Message

Watercolor Secret Messages

Did you know you can write secret messages without fancy invisible ink pens or old-fashioned lemon juice? All you need for this easy, fun craft is a white crayon, watercolor paint, a paintbrush, and some white card stock. Here’s how to write and reveal secret messages:

First, use a white crayon to write a secret message or draw a simple picture on white card stock. (Hint: Have plenty of good lighting to make it easier to see what you are writing. Older kids can try it out by themselves, while younger children may need help with this step.)

Secret Message Writing Activity

Then, use watercolor paints to paint over the secret message. The colors will reveal the words or designs in white crayon. When children are finished painting, they will have a beautiful work of art to share or show.

Watercolor Crayon Resist Project

That’s all there is to it!

Here are a few ways you can use this secret message art project with your kids:

  • Write secret message greeting cards and send them to family members or friends with instructions for revealing the hidden words.
  • Write special notes of love and encouragement to your children and surprise them with the secret messages during their next painting project.
  • Use the secret message concept to reveal the solutions to math problems, the answers to riddles, the definitions to vocabulary words, or any number of educational skills you can think of.
Secret Message Art Activity

Try your own secret message art activity at home and let us know how it goes! Share your comments below.

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Have fun and keep learning all summer long!  

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