Measurement (Heavier/Lighter)

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1st Grade Measure Heavier and Lighter Items GameFirst Grade Comparing Measurement Heavy Light Objects Game

First Grade Math Lesson - Measurement with Heavier and Lighter

Your first grade students will have tons of fun deciding which object is heavier or lighter in this interactive measurement activity from! In this online game, students will identify which of two objects is heavier or lighter. Here are a few examples of the measurement questions your students may be asked in this digital math activity:

  • "Drag the objects onto the chart to sort them by weight." Students will drag two objects, such as a bowling ball and a tennis ball, or a muffin and a blueberry, into the correct categories.
  • "Which is lighter?" Students will choose from two objects on a balance scale, such as an eight-ball and a button, or a soccer ball and a whistle.
  • "Which is heavier?" Students will choose from two objects pictured, like a bowl of cereal and a spoon.

Students will have access to plenty of handy features that will help them make the most out of their math practice session

  • When students get stuck on a question, they can click on the "Hint" button, which will display a helpful written or pictorial clue that will point them in the right direction without making the answer too easy.
  • When students get an answer incorrect, a detailed explanation page pops up on the practice screen to show them the correct solution, accompanied by an easy-to-understand explanation.
  • The progress-tracker in the upper-right corner of the practice screen shows students how many questions they have answered so far out of the total number of questions in the math activity.
  • The score-tracker beneath the progress-tracker shows students how many points they have earned for correct responses.
  • The speaker icon in the upper-left corner of the practice screen indicates the program's read-aloud feature. Students can click the button to hear the question read out loud to them in a clear voice.

All of these tools have been thoughtfully designed to help your first grade students achieve more with their online math practice.

1st Grade Measure Heavier and Lighter Items LessonFirst Grade Comparing Measurement Heavy Light Objects Lesson

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  • Plenty of positive feedback messages encourage little ones to "Try again!" even when they make mistakes.

We hope you and your first grade class will enjoy identifying heavier and lighter in this online measurement lesson. Be sure to browse the hundreds of other grade 1 math practice lessons in our collection too.

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Try out this first grade measurement activity for free with your class and experience for yourself the difference interactive math practice can make. Sign up for a free thirty-day trial of I Know It, and explore all the math activities in our program with your students at no cost. When your free trial ends, we hope you'll be excited to join our community as a member. Choose from family membership or individual teacher membership, as well as school and school district memberships. Visit our membership information page for details:

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1st Grade Measure Heavier and Lighter Items ActivityFirst Grade Comparing Measurement Heavy Light Objects Activity


This interactive math lesson is classified as Level A. It may be ideal for first grade students.

Common Core Standard

K.MD.2, MA.1.M.1.2, K.7A
Measurement And Data

Describe And Compare Measurable Attributes.
Directly compare two objects with a measurable attribute in common, to see which object has "more of"/"less of" the attribute, and describe the difference. For example, directly compare the heights of two children and describe one child as taller/shorter.

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