Measurement (Longer/Taller and Shorter)

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1st Grade Measurement Longer Taller Shorter GameFirst Grade Measure and Compare Length Height Game

Interactive Math Lesson - Measuring Longer or Taller and Shorter

Students will practice basic measurement concepts in this interactive math activity geared toward first grade. In this online math game, children will need to distinguish between longer/taller and shorter. Each math question presents either a pair or a trio of objects from which students must choose which is longer/taller or shorter, or which is longest/tallest or shortest. After completing this math practice lesson, your students will be more confident and proficient in their basic measurement skills.

Children will be presented with a variety of engaging, challenging math questions in this measurement lesson. They may be given either a multiple-choice question or a drag-and-drop question. For example, students may be shown three sets of carrots with a corresponding question: "Choose the set that shows shortest to longest." Or they may be presented with chairs of different sizes along with an instruction to "Order the chairs from shortest to tallest." If students need a little extra help answering a measurement question, they can click on the "Hint" button. They will be shown a picture to help them visualize the measurement concept in question. When students answer a question incorrectly, a detailed explanation page will show them the correct answer. Students will move through the lesson having learned from past mistakes.

Several handy features in this first grade measurement lesson help students make the most of their math practice time. Students can keep track of how many questions they have answered so far in the activity with the "progress-tracker" and see how many points they have earned for correct responses with the "score-tracker." If students are auditory processors or if they are ELS/ELL learners, they can utilize the "read-aloud" feature, indicated by the speaker icon in the upper-left corner of the practice screen. All these built-in tools are designed to help students achieve their math goals.

1st Grade Measurement Longer Taller Shorter LessonFirst Grade Measure and Compare Length Height Lesson

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Educators and students alike enjoy using the I Know It online math program alongside their comprehensive math curriculum for extra math practice that is both challenging and fun. Teachers appreciate the wide variety of math practice activities we offer for popular math topics in kindergarten through fifth grade. All math lessons on I Know It are aligned to the Common Core Standard and are arranged on the site by grade level and topic. It’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for right when you need it! Students, too, enjoy all that I Know It has to offer. Practicing important math skills is engaging and exciting with our program! Silly animated characters cheer students on in their math practice sessions. Positive feedback messages give students incentive to keep going. Plus, the opportunity to earn math awards for new concepts mastered is a bonus many students love!

We hope you and your first-grade class will practice basic measurement concepts with this exciting math activity! Be sure to check out the hundreds of other math lessons we have available on our website as well.

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1st Grade Measurement Longer Taller Shorter ActivityFirst Grade Measure and Compare Length Height Activity


This online math lesson is classified as Level A. It may be ideal for a first-grade class.

Common Core Standard

1.MD.1, MA.1.M.1.2, K.7B
Measurement And Data

Measure Lengths Indirectly And By Iterating Length Units.
Order three objects by length; compare the lengths of two objects indirectly by using a third object.

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