Evaluating Algebraic Expressions

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5th Grade Evaluating Algebraic Expressions GameFifth Grade Solving Algebraic Expressions Game

Algebraic Expressions Math Game

Practice evaluating basic algebraic expressions. This interactive math game will help students gain a greater understanding of basic algebra. In this online math lesson, students will practice the following skills:

* Evaluate the algebraic expression. (For example, evaluate the expression for: k = 6, 42/k)

* Complete the table to evaluate each algebraic expression. (For example, complete the expression when z = 2, z = 4, z = 6, and so on.)

* Evaluate the algebraic expression in word problem format. (For example, "If v = 7, what is 49/v?")

5th Grade Evaluating Algebraic Expressions LessonFifth Grade Solving Algebraic Expressions Lesson

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5th Grade Evaluating Algebraic Expressions ActivityFifth Grade Solving Algebraic Expressions Activity


This lesson is designated as Level E and is targeted toward fifth graders.

Common Core Standard

5.OA.1, MA.5.AR.2.2, 5.4F
Operations And Algebraic Thinking

Write And Interpret Numerical Expressions.
Use parentheses, brackets, or braces in numerical expressions, and evaluate expressions with these symbols.

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