Reading Bar Graphs

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Kindergarten Reading Bar Graphs GameKindergarten Comprehend Bar Graphs Game

Interactive Math Activity - Reading Bar Graphs

Children will practice reading bar graphs in this engaging math activity geared toward a kindergarten grade level. Math questions in this online math lesson are accompanied by easy-to-read, colorful bar graphs which students will interpret during their math practice session. When your students complete this math lesson, they will have gained confidence and proficiency in basic bar graph skills.

Students will be asked a variety of math questions relating to bar graphs in this online math exercise. Here are some sample questions your students may be asked: Referring to a bar graph showing red and yellow counters, "Which has more, yellow or red?" Referring to a bar graph showing milk cartons, juice boxes, and water jugs, "How many water jugs?" and lastly, referring to a bar graph showing pets, "How many dogs?" As you can see, children will interact with a wide variety of data presented as bar graphs in this activity.

Built into this math activity, as well as all practice activities on "I Know It," are several features that help students make the most out of their math practice time. Students can click on the "Hint" button if they need a little extra help answering a question; they will be shown a relevant written or pictorial clue that will help them read the bar graph in question. When students answer a question incorrectly, a detailed explanation page will appear, showing them the correct answer with a custom graphic or step-by-step tutorial on how to obtain it. But that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Your students will also have access to a progress-tracker on their practice screen to see how many questions they have answered so far in the lesson. They will also have access to a score-tracker to track how many points they've earned in their practice session. A speaker icon indicates the read-aloud feature; when students click on it, the question will be read to them in a clear voice. This is a great tool for ESL/ELL students and students who are auditory processors.

Kindergarten Reading Bar Graphs LessonKindergarten Comprehend Bar Graphs Lesson

Why Choose I Know It?

Teachers and students alike enjoy using the "I Know It" online math program alongside their traditional math curriculum. Teachers appreciate the variety of math lessons we offer under an umbrella of popular topics, from place value to measurement. All our lessons are categorized by topic and are clearly labeled with the Common Core Standard they meet. It's easy to find exactly what you want, exactly when you need it. Students love the engaging format of our math lessons. Silly characters cheer them on with a clever trick or dance move each time they answer a question correctly. Students can also earn award for their "trophy case" each time they master a new math concept. Learning is both challenging and fun on "I Know It"!

We hope you and your kindergarten class will give this bar graph lesson a try today! Be sure to check out the hundreds of other math lessons we have available on our website as well.

Free Trial and Membership Options

Take advantage of our free sixty-day trial offer and practice reading bar graphs with your kindergarten class today! Your free trial will unlock all the math practices activities on our website for a full two months, so you will have plenty of time to explore our program and see the difference interactive math practice can make! Once your free trial runs out, go ahead and register as a member of "I Know It" so you and your students can continue to enjoy the many benefits of our program for a full calendar year.

Your "I Know It" membership will give you access to our website's handy administrative features, which help you monitor your students' progress through the program. Create a class roster, add your students to it, assign unique usernames and passwords to each student, give specific lesson assignments to individual students, change lesson settings, print, email, and save student progress reports, and much more!

Your students will log into the site with their own username and password; they will be taken to a kid-friendly homepage from which they can easily access all their lesson assignments from you. If you allow the option in your account settings, your students can explore other lessons at their grade level and lesson at other grade levels for an added challenge.

Kindergarten Reading Bar Graphs ActivityKindergarten Comprehend Bar Graphs Activity


This online math lesson is classified as Level K. It may be ideal for a kindergarten class.

Common Core Standard

Measurement and Data

Students will classify objects and count the number of objects in each category.

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