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Practice Measurement with Flowers!Practice Measurement with a Spring Activity

Read the iKnowIt blog this month to learn about a spring-themed measurement activity you can do with your elementary students. Little ones will practice measurement with standard and metric units as they measure springtime flowers. Click the link to check out the article.

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Try a Bar Graph Lesson!Review Graphing and Data Skills

Help your students strengthen their graphing and data skills with interactive math activities from iKnowIt.com. Practice important concepts, like reading and interpreting bar graphs and finding mean, median, mode, and range, in our fun, engaging math lessons. Try out a graphing activity with your class today!

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Teacher TipAssign Math Activities by Skill Level

It's easy to assign math practice activities based on your individual students' unique needs and skill level. Simply click the check mark next to the math lesson you want to assign, choose the option to assign to "some students" from the drop-down menu in the Assign Lesson window, and select students from your class roster to whom you want to assign the math lesson.

Enter the IKI SweepstakesEnter the April Sweepstakes

This month we are raffling off two Mold and Play Sensory Sand sets to one lucky winner! This awesome sensory sand looks, feels, and molds like wet sand, but it's completely dry and sticks only to itself. Kids will love it! Each set includes 2.2 pounds of sensory sand, a tray, and ten kid-safe plastic tools. Put your name in the drawing by April 30th for your chance to win!

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Request a School Membership!Request a School Membership

Have you enjoyed using the "I Know It" interactive math program with your students this year? Don't forget to ask your school administrators to order a school membership for the 2021-22 school year. This way you and all your teacher colleagues can integrate the interactive math practice you love into next year's lesson plans!

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We Love Our Math Practice Community!

We're so glad you chose to be a part of our "I Know It" community. Thanks for your continued support as we work to bring you our best interactive math activities for elementary students.

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