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Classifying Triangles Art ProjectMountain Math: Create a Geometry Masterpiece

Read our February blog post to learn about a fun geometry art project that helps children understand how to classify triangles based on angles and sides. Kids will create their own triangle mountain landscapes as they explore the differences between acute, obtuse, and right triangles or equilateral, isosceles, and scalene triangles. Click the link to read the article.

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Try a Fraction LessonGet into a Fractions State of Mind

Learn all about fractions with fun, interactive math activities from iKnowIt.com. Practice fractions of shapes and sets. Help students understand ordering, comparing, and simplifying fractions. Build children's confidence in performing basic operations with fractions, converting improper fractions and mixed numbers, working with like and unlike denominators, and more. Try one of our fraction practice activities today!

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Teacher TipTeacher Tip: Enable Read-Aloud Feature

All math lessons on iKnowIt.com are equipped with an optional read-aloud feature. Students can click the speaker icon in the upper-left corner of their practice screen to hear the math problem read out loud to them in a clear voice. This is a helpful resource for ESL/ELL students and children who excel with auditory learning. You can turn the read-aloud feature on or off anytime under the "General Lesson Settings" section of your administrator account.

Enter the IKI SweepstakesEnter the February Sweepstakes

This month we're giving away 20 break-open geode kits from National Geographic to one lucky winner! Students can break open the rocks to reveal the beautiful crystals inside. This STEM activity would make an amazing addition to any teaching environment. Put your name in the drawing by February 28th for your chance to win.

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Are you following us on Twitter? Make sure you follow @iknowit_com on Twitter so you won't miss our latest tweets! We love checking out your elementary education adventures, so be sure to tag us in your own tweets so we can find you and say hello. See you on Twitter!

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Thank you so much for choosing "I Know It" to partner with you in your teaching journey. We take pride in providing you with quality interactive math activities to help your students master new math skills. We appreciate your loyal support.

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