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Snowflake Symmetry ActivitySnowflake Symmetry

We kick off the new year with an activity that combines creativity and mathematical concepts, fostering a deeper understanding of symmetry through the beauty of snowflakes. Read about it in our January blog!

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Graphing GamesBecome a Graphing Master

Help your class become graphing heroes with interactive graphing games from iKnowIt. Students will practice reading picture graphs and bar graphs with online math activities geared toward kindergarten through fifth grade. Try a graphing game with your students and watch their math skills soar to new heights!

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Teacher TipTeacher Tip: Enable Read-Aloud Feature

All math lessons on iKnowIt.com are equipped with an optional read-aloud feature. Students can click the speaker icon in the upper-left corner of their practice screen to hear the math problem read out loud to them in a clear voice. This is a helpful resource for ESL/ELL students and children who excel with auditory learning. You can turn the read-aloud feature on or off anytime under the "General Lesson Settings" section of your administrator account.

Division ActivityDivide and Conquer Math Skills

Help your students develop their division skills with interactive math games from iKnowIt.com. Our division activities for third grade through fifth grade cover basic division, division with remainders, extended division, dividing money, and dividing with both whole numbers and decimals. Try an interactive division lesson with your class today.

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Happy New Year from Your Friends at iKnowIt!

We're extending our warmest wishes for a happy, healthy, and wonderful new year to our whole iKnowIt community! Here's to our best year yet!

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