Fraction Art

There’s nothing like floral art to brighten up a room at this time of year. Why not benefit from beauty and math practice at the same time? Here’s a craft that’ll have your young learners’ understanding of fractions growing just like their creations: fraction flowers! Read More 

Math Games

Looking for a versatile activity that works for every age group? Look no further than math bingo! Math bingo adds the excitement of a game and the engagement of a hands-on activity to your review time. Whether your learners are just starting to identify numbers, working on division, or are already solving algebraic equations, it’s the perfect way to make math practice fun. Read More 

Probability Activity with Flipping Coins

Here's a fun activity that'll have your students flipping out over the world of probability. The March blog will have kids doing their best referee impressions and flipping coins to see if they land heads or tails! Read More 

Marshmallow Fractions

Hot cocoa math is the perfect winter activity for our little learners! In this blog post, we're diving into a delightful DIY hot cocoa math activity that will add a sprinkle of educational magic to your classroom. This hands-on project is not only simple to set up but also promises hours of engaging learning fun for the kids. Read on to discover more! Read More 

Symmetry Activity

Winter brings us a wonderland of snowflakes, and what better way to embrace this season's charm than with a fun and educational craft? Snowflakes are not just beautiful; they're also perfect for teaching symmetry to young minds. This January, let's dive into a crafty snowflake-making session that doubles as a lesson in symmetry for your elementary students! Read More