Math Fact Review Activities

Is it ever the wrong time to practice math fact fluency with little ones? We didn't think so! With the end of the school year coming up fast, there's no better time than now to review math facts with your students. In our May blog post, read about three easy and fun activities you can do with your class to review math facts for the end of the school year. Let's go! Read More 

Practice Symmetry with a Spring Art Project

Celebrate spring with a colorful symmetry activity featuring springtime critters! In our April blog post, we are featuring three printable coloring pages you can use with little ones to help them practice basic symmetry. Read on to find out more. Read More 

Practice Mean, Median, Mode, and Range with 3 Educational Activities

Are your students up for a data-driven challenge? Of course they are! In our March blog post, we're featuring three activities your students can do to practice identifying the mean, median, mode, and range of a data set. Read on to find out more! Read More 

Word Problems Class Activity

Get ready to practice word problems with your elementary math class! In our February blog post, we're featuring a whole-class activity you can do with your students to practice solving word problems together. This activity's a great way to get your entire class involved in math practice. Read on to find out more. Read More 

Build Shapes with Play Dough

Help little ones get their basic geometry skills in top shape with a fun, hands-on math activity to kick off the new year. Grab a pack of play dough and get ready to build 2D and 3D shapes. You and your students are going to love this activity! Read on to find out more. Read More