Music Activities that Use Math Skills

"I love math!" These words are music to a teacher's ears, so to help you cultivate a love of math with your little ones, we're featuring three activities that use music concepts to reinforce math skills in our September blog post. Learn to recognize note values while practicing addition and subtraction; practice "parts of the whole" by breaking down long notes into equivalent shorter notes; and count beats to sharpen basic counting skills. Read on to learn more! Read More 

Basic Addition and Subtraction with Everyday Items

Practicing basic addition and subtraction doesn't have to be complicated! In this article, learn how to use common everyday items you probably already have in your classroom or at home to help little ones practice adding and subtracting. Make math practice simple and fun with these everyday addition and subtraction ideas! Read on to find out more. Read More 

Water Balloon Math Activities

Summer is here to stay! To celebrate the arrival of this glorious season, we're featuring five fun water balloon games you can play with little ones to help them practice math skills. Grab a pack of water balloons and head outdoors to soak up the sunshine. We'll help you make a splash with the best water balloon math games around! Read on to find out more. Read More 

Geometry Name Activity

Get ready to practice geometry skills with a fun and easy activity kids will love! In our June blog post, we're showing you how you can help children learn about angles, points, lines, line segments, and rays using their name. We provide the graph paper to make it super easy to get started. All you need are some colored pencils or markers and a protractor. Read on to find out more! Read More 

Five Tips for At-Home Math Review

Whether you are a teacher striving for creative ways to wrap up your math curriculum in a distance-learning format or you are a parent who has plummeted head-first into an unexpected homeschool journey, you can help your little ones end the school year on a high noteā€”and we're here with practical tools to help! This article features five tips for reviewing math skills with students at home. With a little ingenuity on your part, you can help your students review important math skills they have worked hard to master this year. Read on to find out more. Read More